Fire Warden Training Course

Different states employ differing OH&S laws. Whether your State laws require warden training or not it is always good practice to have trained wardens in the event of an emergency. As a general guideline if employees are based at a fixed place of work, the employer must ensure that one or more persons are appointed and appropriately trained to oversee evacuations and where required in the use of fire fighting equipment.

Our First Line of Defence fire warden training course caters for 1 to 15 people and is the same cost regardless of the number of people. If you have more than 15 potential trainees then we can offer back to back training courses.

The fire warden training courses last for around 1.75 hours and within this time we provide practical and theoretical training in accordance with Australian Standard AS 3745 on the following:-

  • Duties and responsibilities of the chief fire warden, deputy fire warden, fire wardens, floor wardens and first aiders.
  • Review of property layout and identification of key areas such as muster points via a walk around with our instructor.
  • Identification of potential problem areas within the premises of the company in an emergency situation via a walk around with our instructor.
  • Fire equipment & sign identification –  identify and recognise fire equipment.
  • Identify and recognise signage used in an emergency situation such as fire exits and fire doors.
  • How to identify and communicate with wardens.
  • Identifying the person or persons responsible for raising an alarm.
  • Raising of fire alarms and use of various fire alarm systems including manual warning systems.
  • How to communicate with the fire brigade and local authorities.
  • Prevention of traffic movement both vehicle and personnel.
  • Prevention of the use of elevators in an emergency situation.
  • Directing staff to muster points and identifying where the muster points are.
  • Staff / visitor roll call (based on visitors sign in book).

The course is interactive and utilises a company walk around to assess the premises and to familiarise themselves with the facilities.

Each trainee is presented with a certificate of competence following successful completion of the fire warden training course. Certificates will be posted to your company at no additional cost.

We can also offer a supervised emergency evacuation after the fire warden training course to reinforce the training provided and give the fire wardens a chance to gain practical experience in their roles. Please contact us for pricing of this additional service.

Pricing for this course is:-

$550+gst per course.

The above pricing is for the Perth Metro area (Zone A) for other areas please contact us for a quote.