Fire Extinguisher Servicing Perth

Fire Extinguisher Check Up, Maintenance & Re-Fills

Fire extinguisher servicing carried out on a regular basis ensures that in an emergency it will be in the best possible shape to fight a fire.

All of our fire extinguisher servicing throughout Perth is carried out in accordance with AS1851:2012 by our fully qualified technicians at your premises, where required, or at our workshop.

In a commercial environment AS1851:2012 requires all fire extinguishers to be serviced on a 6-monthly basis with specific areas requiring attention on a 1-year and 5-year basis. You may also find that fire extinguisher servicing is a requirement specified by your insurance company or may lead to a price reduction for your insurance policy if this is carried out.

After any servicing work, all maintenance tags are updated to reflect the date of the service and type of service carried out and a full location report is emailed to the designated contact. This is a requirement of AS1851:2012

The Australian standard AS1851:2012 includes several tables relating to fire extinguisher servicing and testing. are the basis for all fire extinguisher servicing carried out by our technicians.

We Service A Wide Range of Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguisher servicing is not a case of simply stamping the maintenance tag and moving onto the next fire extinguisher. The tables in the AS1851 provide an extensive list of tasks to be carried out on each fire extinguisher. Make sure your current provider services your fire extinguishers properly!

We service the following types of portable fire extinguishers:-

Fire Extinguisher Maintenance & Re-Fill Services

At Fullworks Fire Safety, we provide a range of fire extinguisher maintenance services and we can refill all types of fire extinguishers, except dry powder fire extinguishers. We believe it is more economical, and so we recommend that dry powder fire extinguishers are replaced if used or due for a pressure test.

Pricing of this service is dependent on quantity and location zone. See our Servicing Pricing page for more details.

Unbeatable Service & Experience

Aside from providing fire extinguisher servicing, re-fills and maintenance, our team pride ourselves on going the extra mile for our clients, ensuring their safety is always at the forefront of our minds. To ensure the ultimate customer satisfaction, our clients are provided with the following:

  • Offer honest safety advice
  • Competitive pricing on additional services or products
  • Provide testing certificates
  • Updated fire safety logbooks

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