Fire Blanket Installation Guide

We can provide a complete fire blanket installation service at very competitive rates using our qualified technicians. We keep pricing simple and understandable. For more information, visit our installation & pricing page.

If you feel confident enough to install your own fire blankets then the following information will help you to install them correctly and in accordance with AS2444 (Standard can be purchased from SAI Global)

Important location advice

According to AS2444

Section 5.3 – Each fire blanket shall be located in a conspicuous and readily accessible position. The blanket shall not be located in a position where access could present a hazard to the potential user.

Section 5.5– Fire blankets shall be installed by mounting containers on brackets which are sufficiently strong to withstand the loads imposed when removing the fire blanket from its container. Sufficient room shall be allowed so that the fire blanket can be quickly removed without impedance from nearby obstructions.

Attaching to the wall

Each fire blanket that leaves our premises has 1 or 2 brass ferruled mounting holes. This is the most straightforward and reliable method of fixing a fire blanket.


Careful consideration needs to be given to the following

  • Is the size of fire blanket being installed the correct size for the application
  • Type of wall fire blanket is being mounted to
  • Wall fixings must be suitable for wall type
  • The force required to pull the blanket from its ‘container’
  • Cables / pipework behind the installation wall
  • The amount of traffic the installation location is subject to (this can help to prevent accidental demounting, damage and misuse)
  • Potential for damage to occur to the fire blanket in its installed location (eg hot fat spitting on the cover)
  • Accessibility to the fire blanket in the event of a fire.
  • Correct signage according to AS2444 – Please see advice on installing signs 

If you are unsure about location, type or have any questions do not hesitate to contact us and ask us for advice.