Testing - Sprinkler Systems

Having your sprinkler system tested is crucial to ensuring that in the event of a fire the sprinkler system is capable of operating correctly, reducing the spread of fire within your premises. Monthly testing of sprinkler systems is a requirement of AS1851:2012 and your insurance company would require that this is completed. The Fire Brigade often check service records and fines may be issued should maintenance records not be present or available for inspection.

All of our sprinkler testing is carried out in accordance with AS1851:2012 by fully qualified specialist technicians at your premises. Below is a small sample of services we can complete:-

  • Monthly testing of the full sprinkler system, including Fire indicator panel if present
  • Annual flow testing of the sprinkler system
  • Monthly Sprinkler Booster pump servicing (electric and deisel, including tanks if present)
  • Scheduled overhauls to Alarm valves etc.
  • 25 year system overhauls including full laboratory reports on sprinkler head samples
  • System repairs where corrosion has taken its toll or where damage has occured.
  • Block plans of the sprinkler system, including required calculations (printed and framed. PDF also available)
  • Valve and Pressure gauge schedule creation.

All scheduled sprinkler system service work is managed by us and invoiced on a monthly basis. You do not need to remember on a monthly basis, you can rest assured that the work will be carried out on time and in a fast and efficient manner.

Minor repairs to sprinkler systems can be carried out immediately, when required, however major repairs will need to be quoted and on approval will be carried out by our specialist sprinkler technician.

As the testing requirements vary from one sprinkler system to another, our sprinkler system testing services are quoted on a case by case basis only. As always our service pricing is very competitive and complete with our very high standard of service.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements