Our Promise to You

We are not just a fire safety company, we are a fire safety company with passion for excellent service, excellent products and great pricing. We strive to provide you with a customer experience that is amongst the best in the industry.

The following are our commitments to you.

Company Values

  • Integrity - Operating in an honest and open manner.
  • Value - Providing only the best quality products and services at the lowest possible pricing
  • Customer focus - Providing solutions to comply with both Australian standards and the customers requirements.
  • Reliable / Responsive - Providing solutions quickly and effectively and delivering on time.
  • Quality - Providing quality of service and products that are of the highest quality.

Products and Pricing

  • We are open and honest with our pricing, our service and our products
  • Our sell prices are based on purchase quantity, not your company name. 
  • We provide products that are recognised within the industry as being of the highest quality.
  • We will only supply products that are tested to and comply with Australian Standards.
  • All products are sent from our factory tagged AND stamped in accordance with AS2444:2001 where applicable.
  • All products are supplied with at least the minimum legally required signage included in the price; fire extinguishers, for example, are provided with location and identification signs.
  • We provide what we show or describe, what is in the picture or description is what will be supplied unless stated otherwise.
  • We encourage you to review our products 

Our Service and Standards

  • We work only to Australian Standards and Building Codes.
  • We do not just supply, we can install (locally around Perth) and can provide a complete one stop fire safety solution.
  • Our trained staff will work with you to establish the most cost effective solutions to any fire safety requirements you may have.
  • Our trained staff provide both free and paid consultation services to offer fire safety solutions that conform to Australian Standards 
  • We will be at your premises when we say we will be, or will contact you to inform you of any delays.
  • We aim to set a new standard for service within the fire safety / fire protection industry.
  • If we fail to provide any of the above or meet your expectations, we insist that you let us know so that we can address the issue! Likewise if we exceed your expectations your feedback would be appreciated.