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5 yearly Pressure Testing & Refill

In addition to regular fire extinguisher servicing, AS1851 section 15 states that fire extinguishers should have a hydrostatic pressure test carried out on them on a 5 yearly basis. In addition to pressure testing, the fire extinguisher is also refilled.

At Fullworks Fire Safety, we offer pressure testing and refilling for all fire extinguishers, however due to the costs involved in pressure testing and refills please note the following:

  • Dry powder fire extinguisher – More economical to exchange for a new dry powder fire extinguisher
  • Water Fire extinguisher – generally more economical to exchange for a new water fire extinguisher
  • Foam (AFFF) Fire extinguisher – generally more economical to exchange for a new AFFF fire extinguisher
  • Wet chemical - generally more economical to exchange for a new wet chemical fire extinguisher
  • Carbon Dioxide – CO2 fire extinguishers have heavily engineered cylinders to withstand the extreme pressures involved. Because of this it is always more economical to pressure test and refill unless the CO2 fire extinguisher is over 15 years of age, in which case we would suggest a replacement CO2 fire extinguisher

Services Included in the Pressure Testing of Your Fire Extinguisher

Our fire extinguisher pressure testing is carried out in accordance with AS1851:2005 section 15 and is scheduled on a 5 yearly basis. The fire extinguisher pressure tests provide, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Empty contents of cylinder
  • Remove the valve assembly, check and repair if required
  • Pressure test of the cylinder according to the manufacturers specifications
  • Replace / overhaul valve assembly
  • Refill / repressurise
  • Stamping of cylinder to identify when it has been tested and the ID of the tester.
  • Maintenance tag updated to show pressure test date.

Unbeatable Experience

Aside from a number of services, our team go above and beyond and make sure your safety is paramount. We’re one of the best in the industry and also provide the following services in addition to your fire extinguisher testing and tagging:

  • Offer honest safety advice
  • Provide testing certificates
  • Competitive pricing on additional services or products
  • Update fire safety logbook

Fire Extinguisher 5 yearly Testing Costs

The cost of pressure testing and refilling a CO2 fire extinguisher is $125+gst per unit regardless of size.

The cost of refilling a CO2 fire extinguisher is $80+gst per unit regardless of size.

The above pricing is for the Perth Metro area (Zone A) for other areas please contact us for a quote.

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