Fire Hydrant Service

Comprehensive Fire Hydrant Servicing

Having your fire hydrants and associated systems serviced is a requirement. As fire hydrant systems are used by the fire brigade it is critical that they are maintained to Australian standard and fines may be issued should this not occur. Misuse carries a substantial fine also and can reduce the effectiveness of the fire hydrant in the event of an emergency.

At Fullworks Fire Safety, we provide a fully comprehensive fire hydrant systems service and ensure our work is carried out in accordance with AS1851:2012 by our fully qualified technicians at your premises. Minor repairs to fire hydrants can be carried out, when required, however major repairs will be carried out by our specialised plumber. We also carry a small range of spare parts.

AS1851:2012 requires all fire hydrant systems to be serviced on a 6-monthly basis with specific items to be tested annually (flow testing) and 5 yearly such as  Boosted Flow testing, overhauls and Hydrostatic testing. You may also find that servicing is a requirement specified by your insurance company or may lead to a price reduction for your insurance policy if this is carried out.

After any servicing work, all maintenance tags are updated to reflect the date of the service and type of service carried out and a full location report is emailed to the designated contact. This is a requirement of AS1851:2012

The Australian standard AS1851:2012 section 4 relates to fire hydrant system servicing and testing and is the basis for all fire hydrant servicing carried out by our technicians.

Pricing of this service is dependent on quantity and location zone. See our servicing pricing page for more details.

Delivering a Thorough & High-Quality Service

With years of industry experience, our technicians provide an exceptionally high level of service, going the extra mile to ensure our clients are safe. We also provide the following additional services.

  • Updated service logbooks
  • Provide testing certificates
  • Competitive pricing on additional services or products
  • Honest safety advice

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