First Aid Kits - Marine

First aid kits specifically designed for marine use. Whether you are a few hundred meters off shore fishing or many nautical miles off shore with passengers, having a quality first aid kit ready for emergencies is essential. There are first aid kits to suit small recreational boats throught to large commercial vessels requiring NSCV Table H.3 Scale G & F and E & D compliance.

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NSCV R3 Marine Pro First Aid Kit - Plastic Case

First Aid Kit - R3 Marine Pro. Complies with NSCV Table H.3 Scale G; F for Commercial Vessels (excluding medicines) and also compliant with WHS 2012 Regulations for workplaces
$433.64 excl GST

R1 Marine First Aid Kit - Soft Pack

First Aid Kit - R1 Marine Max. Comprehensive high quality Marine biased First Aid kit. This First Aid Kit is also compliant with WHS 2012 Regulations for work vehicles.
$103.64 excl GST