Fire Safety Training Course Perth

  • Do you or your staff have the confidence to tackle a fire in an emergency situation?
  • Do you or your staff even know how to operate a fire extinguisher?
  • Do you or your staff know what fire extinguishers to use for an electrical fire?
  • Do you or your staff know what fire extinguishers not to use for an electrical fire?

If you have answered no to any of the above then we suggest that you consider our on-site First Line of Defence fire safety training course presented by one of our fully qualified instructors.

Our fire safety training course caters for 1 to 20 people and is the same cost regardless of the number of people. If you have more than 20 potential trainees then we can offer back to back training courses.

The fire safety training courses last for around 1 hour ensuring that your staff return to work in the shortest possible time.

Within the 1 hour training course we cover the following subjects:-

  • Fire Safety in the home and workplace
  • Fire triangle theory – how heat, fuel and air interact to sustain or extinguish a fire
  • Fire types (technically this is referred to as the classes of fire)
  • Fire extinguisher types – covering all common fire extinguishers enabling recognition by colour codes
  • Fire extinguisher application – what fire extinguisher to use for specific types of fires
  • Fire blanket usage – how to use a fire blanket to supress a clothing fire or deep fat fryer fire
  • Fire equipment sign identification – learn to recognise fire equipment by signs
  • Practical usage of a fire extinguisher on a controlled fire

The course is interactive and utilises presentations, theoretical tests, live demonstrations and actual usage of fire extinguishers against a controlled fire.

Each trainee is presented with a certificate of attendance following successful completion of the fire extinguisher training course. Certificates will be posted to your company at no additional cost.

We also offer specially priced fire safety product packages to staff after completing the training course to encourage them to continue thinking about fire safety outside of work.

Pricing for this course is:-

$375+gst per course.

The above pricing is for the Perth Metro area (Zone A) for other areas please contact us for a quote.