Fire Hose Reel Installation

We can provide a complete fire hose reel installation service at very competitive rates using our licensed plumbers. We keep pricing simple and understandable. For more information, visit our installation & pricing page.

All of our fire hose reels are supplied with the correct brackets and valves, however you will need wall fixings and thread fixing tape / liquid.

Fire Rating Advice

Hose reels cannot be used as the sole method of fighting fires. Fire hose reels are suitable for class A fires only and therefore must be installed in conjunction with other classes of fire fighting equipment to suit the potential fire hazards.


Careful consideration needs to be given to the following

  • Fire hose reels are not straightforward to install and we highly recommend that you use a licensed plumber
  • Installation must be carried out in accordance with AS2441:2005
  • Hose reel placement is covered by the Building Code of Australia (BCA)
  • Hose reels should only be connected to a dedicated fire line, not mains water
  • It will save time and money if you can locate the fire line shut off valve prior to the plumber arriving
  • Flow rate should be a minimum of 19.8 litres per minute for 19mm hoses and 24.6 litres per minute for 25mm hoses
  • Consideration must be given to the weight of the hose reel assembly
  • Type of wall fire extinguisher is being mounted to
  • Wall fixings must be suitable for wall type
  • Correct signage according to AS2444 
  • The surrounding environment (does the fire hose reel need a cabinet or cover?)
  • Most damage to fire hose reels occurs to the standpipe. Consider the potential for damage before installation. (eg forklifts operating in the area)