Fire Hydrant Testing

Maintaining Fire Hydrants to Australian Standards

Having your fire hydrants serviced and tested is a requirement. As fire hydrant systems are used by the fire brigade, it is critical that they are maintained and tested to Australian standards and fines may be issued should this not occur. Misuse carries a substantial fine also and can reduce the effectiveness of the fire hydrant in the event of an emergency.

All of our fire hydrant testing is carried out in accordance with AS1851:2012 Section 4 by our technicians at your premises. Minor repairs to fire hydrants can be carried out, when required, however major repairs will need to be quoted and on approval will be carried out by our specialised wet services technicians.

Our fire hydrant testing is performed in accordance with AS1851:2012. There are a number of tests required to be carried out and these tests occur at various intervals. Our fire hydrant testing services are only available in WA currently. The following briefly describes the tests and intervals:

Fire Hydrant Flow Testing – Annually

  • Flow testing performed and flow values recorded. In the case of multiple fire hydrants this is carried out on the most hydraulically disadvantaged hydrant (furthest from mains feed).
  • We provide a written report detailing Pressure (kPa) and water flow rate values in various steps from fully open to fully closed.

Fire Hydrant Flow Testing - Street Hydrants

  • Commonly required for baseline date prior to designing fire systems in new building / redeveloping existing sites.
  • Referred to as a Flow and Pressure test
  • Test is performed and a report is issued showing pressures (kPa) at specific flow rates in steps of 5l/s from Fully open to fully closed.

Fire Hydrant Valve Overhaul – 5 Yearly Basis

  • Rebuilding or replacement of hydrant valves and optionally fire hose reel valves connected to the same system.

Fire Hydrant Hydrostatic Test - Boosted Systems – 5 Yearly Basis

  • This is a specialised test and is only performed by our specialist wet services technicians after valve overhauls have been carried out.
  • Please note – in the rare event of the water pipes leaking or bursting, repairs will be required and we will provide a quote for the work accordingly. We are not liable for any repairs as a result of hydrostatic testing

Fire Hydrant Booster Overhaul – 5 Yearly Basis

  • Overhaul of the hydrant booster points. Involves strip down and rebuild of booster inlets using new valve washers.

Fire Hydrant Booster Flow Test –5 Yearly Basis

  • Flow test performed to most hydraulically disadvantaged hydrant, with system boosted and flow values recorded. 
  • We provide a written report detailing Pressure (kPa) and water flow rate values
  • Requires use of Fire appliance to carry out.

Please note: the above are quoted services only and only available in WA. Contact us to discuss your specific requirements. Do you have other fire equipment that requires servicing?  It is worth considering having your other fire equipment serviced during one of our visits. Chat to one of our technicians for pricing on multi service packages.

Unbeatable Experience & Thorough Testing

Aside from providing a high level of fire hydrant testing, our technicians ensure our client’s safety is at the forefront of our minds, always going the extra mile to ensure they receive an unbeatable service by providing the following:

  • Competitive pricing on additional services or products
  • Updated fire safety logbooks
  • Provide testing certificates
  • Honest safety advice

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