Delivery & Pricing Infomation

Delivering any product within a country the size of Australia and with so many remote areas is a challenge. Even more of a challenge is that Fire extinguishers are classified as Dangerous Goods restricting our shipping options further. 

We aim to provide great value delivery to your door, however if you are in a remote area or unlucky enough to live 1 street away from the couriers delivery zone boundary, delivery may be more expensive than you were expecting! If this is the case do not heistate to contact us to confirm pricing.

Delivery Calculator

Our website offers a delivery calculator. This is the fastest way of determining the delivery pricing. You can check the delivery costs of individual items by clicking on the Please select the address you want to ship to link under the add to cart button. If you are logged in it will give you options for choosing your saved addresses. 

Delivery Cost Errors

With Single Australian postcodes sometimes covering large areas and multiple suburbs and with there being some 15,500 suburbs existing within those postcodes, the postage calculator will occasionally make an error. It may calculate too high or too low.

If you feel that the cost is too high, please let us know and we'll check to see if it is right.

If the cost is too low, we will contact you and either arrange a full refund for you or give you the option to pay the correct delivery price.

We will endeavour however to get the order to you in the most economical way.

Delivery Options

We offer several different delivery services for orders with Australia Post and National couriers being the main options.

  • Pick-up - Pick-up is available from our Wangara Office in Western Australia between 9am and 3pm Monday to Friday.
  • Courier - This is the only way that we can send fire extinguishers as they are classed as "Dangerous Goods" due to their pressurised nature. We use a number of couriers depending on the area you are in and the size of the order. Delivery times can vary from a few days to 10-15 days depending on the area you live. Where possible, to minimise lead times, we ship fire extinguishers from the closest state to you, rather from WA. This reduces our shipping costs and reduces the shipping time dramatically. Non Dangerous goods items are generally shipped from WA
  • Australia Post - This delivery method is ideal for any products / orders under 20kg and any product that is not a fire extinguisher! There are several options with Satchels offering the best value as they carry up to 5kg and are low cost. We do recommend if you are in a hurry for your good to select express post as Australia post's delivery service is not a model of reliability currently (2023) although other delivery options are equally as "challenging" currently! The costs are calculated directly from Australia Post. Where possible we will try and send via express post to reduce your waiting time. Where fire extinguishers are in your shopping basket, this option will not be available. Delivery is available to nearly all postcodes. 
  • Use your Own Courier - Place and pay for your order, email or call Us and provide us the delivery company name along with all shipment details such as delivery address, account name and number and we'll organise the pickup and get the order off to you as fast as we can.
  • Request a Quote - If you are in an area not covered by our automatic delivery cost calculation or you think the delivery price is too high for your location, Contact us or continue with your order choosing the EFT Payment option and we'll send you a quote based on your delivery address. If this is acceptable we will arrange to take payment either over the phone, via a credit card payment link on the invoice or you can EFT the money to us.

Restrictions to delivery

The following are restrictions imposed on us by our delivery companies.

  • PO Boxes Sorry we cannot deliver to PO boxes for any orders with courier as the delivery option.
  • Dangerous Goods - As fire extinguishers are classed as dangerous goods (UN 1044 Class 2.2 - Non Flammable Gas), any delivery company used for transporting of these must be notified. We only use specific couriers for delivering orders containing fire extinguishers, however if you choose to use your own delivery company, they must be able to accept dangerous goods. We will ensure that a dangerous goods shipping notice is completed.

Delivery Times

The time it takes to ship our products depends on many factors. We will always ensure that goods are dispatched quickly, however once the order leaves us it is in the hands of the delivery company. Please allow up to 10 days for delivery especially for fire exinguisher orders. If you have any concerns please Contact Us and we will investigate where the order is.