9lt AFFF Air / Foam Fire Extinguisher

Air/Foam fire extinguisher (9.0lt) with hose, wall bracket, location sign and AFFF identification sign. Perth, Melbourne, Sydney shipping.
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This high quality 9 litre AFFF (aqueous film forming foam) fire extinguisher is supplied with a wall bracket, a fire extinguisher location sign, an AFFF fire extinguisher identification sign and is supplied filled. Due to the fire extinguishers weight it will require mounting on a solid wall.

When to use:-

Class A fires – Ordinary combustibles
Class B fires – Flammable and combustible liquids

Where to use:-

This AFFF fire extinguisher is ideal for use in areas that contain flammable and / or combustible liquids such as paint stores, spray booths and fuel stores.

This fire extinguisher can also be used for class A fires for ordinary combustible materials such as paper, cardboard and wood in place of a plain air / water fire extinguisher.

Where not to use:-

This AFFF fire extinguisher is NOT TO BE USED for electrical fires under any circumstances.

This fire extinguisher is not suitable for fires involving cooking oil / fats due to heat from the oil / fat breaking the foam down leading to possible re-ignition.

For a guide to selecting the correct portable fire extinguisher for specific classes of fires please refer to the FPA's Portable Fire Extinguisher Guide which can be viewed and purchased from us here

Type AFFF - Aqueous Film Forming Foam Type fire extinguisher
Size (Net Mass) 9lt
Rating 3A:30B:E (Still Air Fire Rating)
Floor Area up to 300m2 Class A / 115m2 Class B (in accordance with AS2444:2001)*
Nozzle Size -
Discharge Time approx 50Sec
Effective Range approx 4.5m
Working Pressure 1400kpa (14bar / 203psi) at 23 Deg C
Periodic Test Pressure 2.5mpa (25bar / 363psi)
Material Stainless Steel Body / Stainless Steel Handle / Brass Valve Body
Approvals Certified and approved to AS/NZS 1841.4 (2007)
Appearance Red with a Blue band or label
- Width
- Height
- Depth
- Weight

As Packaged
- Length
- Width
- Height
- Weight


* Various factors affect coverage such as hazard risk, travel distance to fire extinguisher and rating of fire extinguisher, the area given is a maximum area that can be covered. See AS2444:2001 section 4 for more details.

When you buy this fire extinguisher, you receive the following items included in the price:-

  • Maintenance tag - punched with the month and year that it left our factory in accordance with AS2444. Identifies when the next 6 month inspection is due.
  • Maintenance tag ring
  • Fire extinguisher location sign (requirement of AS2444:2001) - SGEL
  • AFFF fire extinguisher identification sign - SGFOAM
  • Wall bracket / hook (Powder coated steel)

AFFF Air / Foam Fire Extinguisher MSDS Document

While every effort is made to ensure the specifications and pictures are correct, we source products from a number of manufacturers, which leads to differences both visually and physically between equivalent products. If you need current up to date specifications, please Contact Us


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