Fire Hose Reel Picture Sign - Right Angle - Medium

Fire hose reel location sign angle - medium - 90 degree angled sign - identifying location of fire hose reels as required by AS2444:2001
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Fire hose reel location signs are a requirement of AS2444:2001 and are required to identify the location of any fire hose reel. This medium sized sign has an angled section that can be fixed to a wall and allows easy location of a fire hose reel in an area such as a corridor where the fire hose reel has been placed in a recess and is not immediately obvious. The sign is printed on both sides.

'The sign must be mounted such that it is no less than 2 metres from the floor level or at a height that makes it the most apparent to a person of average height and visual acuity' *


Location sign - angled - fire hose reel - medium sized
Standards Required by AS2444:2001 to be mounted not less than 2 metres from the ground
Material Screen printed ABS
Glue, tape or screwed
- Width
- Height
- Thickness
- Weight

* Taken from AS2444

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