AR-AFFF Alcohol Resistant Foam - 20lt

Alcohol resistant AFFF concentrate - 20lt drum - will not break down on alcohol based fires unlike traditional foams
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This high quality alcohol resistant AFFF (aqueous film forming foam) concentrate is supplied in a 20lt drum. The concentrate requires 94 parts water to 6 parts concentrate. The foam concentrate is ideal for refilling foam / air fire extinguishers and for use with fire hoses (with appropriate equipment).

Alcohol resistant foam is different to normal AFFF in that it contains a polymer that forms a barrier between the burning surface and the foam to prevent the foam being broken down by any alcohols in the burning liquid.

PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS NOT FLOURINE FREE AFFF AND MAY NOT BE ABLE TO BE SOLD INTO YOUR STATE. A number of Australian states have now fully banned traditional AFFF and require the use of Flourine Free AFFF concentrate. We will contact you if this is the case and advise on availability and cost of Flourine free AFFF

When to use:-

Class A fires – Ordinary combustibles
Class B fires – Flammable and combustible liquids

Where to use:-

This AR-AFFF foam is ideal for use in areas that contain flammable and / or combustible liquids such as paint stores, spray booths and fuel stores.

This foam can also be used for class A fires for ordinary combustible materials such as paper, cardboard and wood in place of plain water.

Where not to use:-

AR-AFFF foam is NOT TO BE USED for electrical fires under any circumstances.

This foam is not suitable for fires involving cooking oil / fats due to heat from the oil / fat breaking the foam down leading to possible re-ignition.

TypeAR-AFFF - alcohol resistant aqueous film forming foam
UsesFire extinguisher refilling / fire hose application
- Width
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- Depth
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