Fire Risk Assessment

Fire risk assessments are frequently asked for by Insurance companies and Shires but can also be a requirement of internal company policy. Although currently there is no legal requirement, having a fire risk assessment can be of great benefit to you, your company and your employees. You may also find that your insurance premiums are reduced substantially.

Each fire risk assessment is carried out by our trained technicians and utilises sections of the Building codes of Australia (BCA) and Australian standards. Our fire risk assessment is based on the PECCS principle:-

  • Prevention
  • Escape
  • Communication
  • Confinement
  • Suppression

To complete a fire risk assessment we will need, but not be limited to, the following:-

  • Complete access to all areas (non-disclosure agreements may be used)
  • Access to the premises at a pre-determined time
  • Access to question staff members
  • Have access to fire training schedules / certificates
  • Have access to fire equipment maintenance records
  • Access to all fire equipment log books
  • Access to attendance records
  • Complete list of all fire equipment
  • Location of nearest fire station and response time

As part of our fire risk assessment we will provide you with the following:-

  • Printed risk assessment report identifying all areas of concern
  • Quotation / advice for addressing areas of concern
  • Electronic file (PDF) – Free with fire risk assessment after payment has been received (will be emailed to nominated contact and stored for 2 years on our servers)

Pricing is dependent on the size of your premises and the complexity of your building. Please contact us for a quotation on this service. Coverage of this service is as detailed in our service zone page.